"Wholesale Excellence: Collaborative Solutions for Success"

Wholesale Door System with a Variety of High-Quality Products and Specialized Services in Austria:



In today's business landscape, the emphasis on convenience and customer satisfaction is paramount. One highly successful approach in this regard is the wholesale door system, particularly well-received in Austria.

Services and Features

1. **Diverse Laminate Flooring: [Quality Waterproof Laminate Floor]
- Our various laminate flooring options are not only aesthetically pleasing with a herringbone pattern but also waterproof, ensuring durability.

High-Pressure Floors: Strongest Lock, 100% Sustainable Development, SilentSystem, Made in Norway, Lifetime Warranty
- Experience the strength of our high-pressure floors with the strongest lock mechanism, ensuring 100% sustainable development. The SilentSystem adds tranquility, and they are proudly made in Norway with a lifetime warranty.

3. SPC and LVT Vinyl Floor: Quality Waterproof Vinyl Floor
- Explore our SPC and LVT vinyl floors, available with click and gluedown systems. They provide a perfect blend of style and functionality with their waterproof features.

4. Interior and Exterior Ceramic Tiles: Explore our Ceramic Tiles
- Our ceramic tiles are designed for both interior and exterior applications, offering a wide range of design possibilities.

5. Large-Format Slabs: Versatile Applications
- Discover our large-format slabs, suitable for various applications, including flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and even furniture.

Slogan and Additional Features

Main Slogan: Low-intermediary sales, direct connection from the manufacturer to the seller, and ultimately to the consumer."

R&D Team: Our research and development team analyzes building industry products from different countries, aiming to leverage global knowledge and provide quality products at reasonable prices to consumers.

Flexible Pricing: We offer various pricing based on conditions and requests from our valued customers.

Local Presence:  Our experts are ready to present our products on-site in various cities, providing free presentations.

Adding New Sections

 Technology and Innovation in Production
Our team utilizes the latest technological advancements and innovations in the construction industry, ensuring flexibility in the production process to meet customer needs.

Easy Online Shopping Experience
Explore our user-friendly At Obklad, where you can effortlessly browse, compare, and order various products. Order tracking and up-to-date notifications are conveniently managed through our online system.

Personal Branding
For those with a specific brand, we offer packaging with your brand name. This not only strengthens your personal branding but also enhances your market presence.


The wholesale door system, featuring a variety of products, specialized services, and a straightforward collaboration process, presents a lucrative opportunity for sellers in Austria. We are dedicated to enhancing your buying experience and continuously striving for necessary improvements.