Quality guarantee and money back

Free two-year warranty (statutory warranty) on all goods we sell.

Whether you bought the goods online, in a store or through mail order sales, you are always entitled to a minimum two-year free warranty.

This two-year warranty is your minimum right.

If the goods you have bought anywhere in the EU are defective, do not correspond to the description or are not functional, the seller is obliged to repair or replace them free of charge, resp. return the full purchase price or provide a discount on the product.

You can usually request a full or partial refund only when repair or exchange is not possible.

The right to a refund may not apply in the event of minor problems, such as a scratch on the CD cover.

Extended warranties

For our REZULT laminate floors, we have a guarantee of maintaining our properties and declared capabilities from the manufacturer:

Floors with a thickness of 8 mm - 15 years.

Floors with a thickness of 10 mm - 25 years.

Floors with a thickness of 12 mm - 30 years.

Complaints and refunds

Send the request together with the goods to the address of our warehouse Na Pántoch 18, Bratislava, AT Europe s.r.o.

We have 30 days to process it according to the law, but we will do everything to settle your complaint as soon as possible.