5 reasons why ceramic tiles are suitable even in winter

Ceramic tiles are a frequent choice for terraces, balconies or gardens. However, many fear that it could be damaged with the coming winter. Will your exterior paving survive the colder period?


The answer is clear - yes! Let's take a look at the TOP reasons that make it so durable.


Durability of ceramic tiles for the exterior

If you choose ceramic tiles for the exterior, you do not have to worry about outdoor use. Exterior paving is suitable for use all year round and will not be surprised by low temperatures, snow or sudden frost.

Thickness of ceramic tiles for the exterior

The thickness of the exterior ceramic tiles is greater than in the case of interior ceramic tiles. It should be at least 2 cm. It does not crack during low temperatures and heavier loads. However, if you want special paving for non-traditional environments, make sure that your paving can handle it. I will always be happy to advise you in our store and showroom in Bratislava.


Frost resistance of ceramic tiles for the exterior

Ceramic exterior tiles are frost-resistant. So it is extremely resistant to frost and you do not have to worry even when the temperature drops below zero. You can have it outside all year round without any problems.


Anti-slip ceramic tiles for the exterior

Another of the big pluses is anti-slip. Exterior ceramic tiles have an anti-slip resistance of at least R10. However, if the frost attacks more strongly than usual, sprinkle the tiles with salt and make sure that there is not much water on it unnecessarily.

Maintenance of ceramic tiles for the exterior

Maintenance of exterior paving is as easy as possible, even during the winter. If necessary, sprinkle the tiles with salt to prevent slipping. Use a broom or shovel to clear the snow. If there is dirt on the tiles, proceed in the same way as in other seasons.

You will also find a wide selection of ceramic tiles for the exterior in our offer. Choose from a variety of colors, shades and sizes that you will find in our e-shop. If you are interested in samples, visit our store in Bratislava or contact us by phone or email.