How to place the underlay correctly under the laminate floor?

The floor mat is an integral part of installing a laminate floor. Let's take a look at its benefits and how to place it properly.

Advantages of the underlay under the laminate floor

The biggest benefits include:

  • prolongs the life of the laminate floor
  • protects the floor from damage
  • improves the feeling when walking
  • isolates sound
  • compensates for slight inequalities


How to install a floor mat from our offer?

In our offer you will find the three best-selling mats for laminate flooring.

  • Foam pad under the floor
  • Silver mat under the floor
  • Gold pad under the floor

The washers differ in price and properties, and their installation is slightly different.

Foam pad under the floating floor

Foam underlay for laminate flooring is one of the cheapest alternatives, but it is not suitable for underfloor heating. You install it before laying the floor itself. Both sides of the pad are the same, so it does not matter which side will be on the surface and which will face the floor. You can tape the individual parts of the pad together, which guarantees greater stability.


Silver pad under the floating floor

The silver floor mat is the middle ground between price and quality. It contains an integrated protection against moisture - ALU vapor barrier. You can playfully combine it with underfloor heating. We also install the underlay before laying the floor. In this case, however, each side of the pad is different. You install the pad with the silver part up so that the vapor barrier fulfills its effect.


Gold pad under the floating floor
The gold underlay under the laminate floor is a great choice, which is up to 4 mm thick. It is also great in combination with underfloor heating and perfectly muffles sound. Contains protection against moisture - ALU vapor barrier. As with the silver mat, to install the gold mat under the floor, place the gold part with the foil side up. You then place the laminate floor on it.


How to choose the right one?

When choosing a pad, keep in mind what you expect from the pad. If you are particularly interested in the low price, choose a foam pad under the laminate floor. The silver and gold pad is also suitable for underfloor heating and contains an ALU vapor barrier. It has better noise attenuation properties and further improves walking comfort.