How to choose the right orientation of classic single-leaf and double-leaf doors?


There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a door. Not only the material and design are important, but also the orientation. How to choose the right right or left door?

Right or left? This is an important question when choosing exterior as well as interior doors. Read our tips so you won't have to worry about this problem anymore.


Single-leaf doors
In the case of single-leaf doors, you must first decide whether or not you want the door to open inside the room. To open the door inside the room, proceed as follows. You will face the hinges. If they are on the right side, it is the right door. If they are on your left, this is the left door.

Do you want the door to open out of the room? Get out of it and repeat the process as well. In the case of hinges on the right side, it is the right door. The hinges on the left side are for the left door.

Double wing door
You can also handle double-leaf doors very easily. You determine the way the door is opened (in or out) and you choose which side will be fixed and which will, on the contrary, open.

We approach the hinges with our faces and if there is a wing that we want to open on the right side, we need the right door. The wing, which is fixed, is located on the left side, ie it is the left door.

If the opening leaf is on the left, it is the left door. In this case, the fixed leaf is on the right side, so it is necessary to select the right door.


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