Extravagant floor: How to combine it into a room?


Who said the floor only has to be simple brown, light white or elegant dark? So definitely not us! In our offer you will also find more distinctive floors, which can really work wonders with their color or design.

Advantages of extravagant floors

The advantages of more pronounced floors include, in particular, the revitalization of space. Even a less interesting room will immediately become the main center of style and elegance. They can fully express your personality and individuality, and everyone will notice them immediately. Choose the floor as the dominant feature of the room, which will attract you at first sight. Other pluses include:

  • originality
  • interesting processing
  • wide selection of colors
  • wide selection of designs
  • the same quality as for other types of floors
  • on average the same price
  • easy maintenance
  • easy installation
  • maximum long life
  • large selection of materials

Combining extravagant floors
When combining patterned floors or floors with more pronounced floors, keep in mind the following 3 rules that will make it easier for you to design a room.

Less is more
As in many spheres of life, in this case less is more. If you decide to dominate the floor, make it stand out. Tune other furniture, walls, or other equipment in neutral tones. Significant accessories may appear in the room, but be careful not to disturb the space.

Window frames and doors
In the case of window frames and doors, proceed very similarly. Choose simple white, unobtrusive brown or unconventional black. However, be careful not to contrast too much with the floor.

Stay in one style
If you have a reserved style, stick to it even in the case of the floor. If you already have the device selected, do not reach for the floor, which is in the completely opposite style. If you are choosing the floor first, on the contrary, be careful that the furniture does not differ too much. For example, in the case of a retro floor, reach for vintage, Provencal, industrial or Scandinavian furniture.