Matte vs. polished tiles for the bathroom

Tiles are really a necessity in the bathroom. The walls get wet very quickly and if you do not have tiles, a problem can arise. When choosing tiles, size and design are important, but also the surface. It can be matte or polished.

Polished tiles for the bathroom

Polished tiles look elegant and luxurious. Their big plus is that they reflect light. Even a small bathroom will be optically illuminated and expanded. The polished surface is smooth and easy to wash and clean. Imprints, drops and other dirt can be easily wiped off and will look new even after years of use. However, the polished surface is less anti-slip than the matte surface.

Advantages of polished tiles

So let's summarize the benefits of polished tiles. Pros include:

  • luxurious and elegant look
    wide selection of colors and patterns
    easy maintenance
    easy deep cleaning
    optical expansion of space
    space illumination

Matt tiles for the bathroom

Matte tiles fit perfectly into stylish bathrooms. They look soft, harmonious and can create a modern, even designer look. They have excellent anti-slip properties. However, they do not reflect light, so it is better to place them in larger bathrooms with enough space. They require regular maintenance. If you clean them regularly, your bathroom will look really perfect.

Advantages of matt tiles

  • designer look
  • many colors and patterns
  • soothing look
  • high anti-slip

Which tiles to choose?

The choice of suitable tiles depends on your preferences and the space in which they will be placed. You can place any surface in larger and more spacious spaces, shiny tiles stand out better in smaller bathrooms.

Polished tiles create an elegant look that is suitable for classic, scandinavian, modern or glam style. The matte tiles fit perfectly into the provencal, industrial and also modern style. And if you are looking for high anti-slip, definitely choose mat.

In our offer you will find interior ceramic tiles, which you can easily place in the bathroom or in any part of the house. Choose a design piece and arrange your dream bathroom to your liking.