Cleaning of exterior ceramics during autumn

Summer is slowly coming to an end. With the coming autumn, a lot awaits us, not only in nature. You will also feel a slight difference in the cleaning of the ceramic tiles that you have outdoors. How to take care of it?

Regular cleaning is essential
Alpha and omega of cleaning of exterior ceramics is everyday cleaning. During the autumn, it is necessary to sweep the tiles more often than during the summer, mainly due to the falling leaves. You can handle this activity really easily, with the help of a broom or a leaf blower.

Cleaning with water
Remove stubborn dirt with water and detergent. If the pollution is more pronounced, you can also use pressurized water. The water pressure can also cope with ingrained dirt, which would be very difficult to scrub by hand.

Extreme pollution
Is your exterior paving contaminated with plaster, construction glue, mortar, putty or other very durable materials? In this case, dry cleaning and preparations that dissolve these substances will help you.

Beauty is hidden in the details
Last but not least, keep in mind that the final effect also depends on the details. Keep the area around the exterior tiles and replace the tiles if you notice any damage.

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