How to keep floors in perfect condition during winter

Winter brings not only cold weather, but also challenges in caring for the floors in your home. With high humidity and the presence of salts and sprinkles on pavements, floors can be easily damaged. Here are some tips to keep your floors in perfect condition during the winter.


1. Regular cleaning and vacuuming

Protect your floors from scratches and wear by cleaning and vacuuming regularly. Sprinkling from winter roads and salt can cause damage to the floor surface, so it is important to keep it clean and remove dirt regularly.

2. Use of carpets and mats

Place rugs and mats at the entrance to the house to catch moisture, dirt and dust from winter roads. In this way, you will reduce the risk of damage to the floor and at the same time keep the interior clean.


3. Moisture control

Humidity can be a challenge during the winter. Make sure that rooms with sensitive floors, such as wood or laminate, are maintained at an adequate level of humidity. Humidity that is too high can cause the wood to warp, while too low can lead to cracking and breaking.

4. Floor protection from furniture

Add felt pads under furniture legs to minimize scratches and marks on the floor. In winter, furniture often moves, so it is important to take precautions to protect the floor.


5. Regular maintenance and care

Once in a while, use the appropriate cleaners and treatments for your particular floor. This will keep the surface in optimal condition and extend its life.

With these simple measures, you can keep your floors in perfect condition even during the winter.