Why consider click vinyl? You will immediately fall in love with these features!

Vinyl floors are one of the most popular types of floors on the market. Many people even prefer them more, such as wood and laminate. Even if other materials have something in common, click vinyl immediately impresses with its great properties.

What is a click system?

Before we look at the benefits of click vinyl, let's take a look at what a click system is. Click vinyl is a designation for the type of vinyl that does not need glue for installation. The individual slats simply snap together using a system located on the sides of the slats. The floor is not glued to the surface, and can be clicked again with a single touch. A mat must be used when installing the floor.


Advantages of vinyl with a click system

So what are the benefits of click vinyl? Let's take a look at the biggest pluses that will make you think about it.


Easy installation
As we wrote above, you do not use glue when installing vinyl with a click system. The slats click on each other to create a continuous floor. The installation is therefore completely simple and can be handled by any more skilled do-it-yourselfers. You will also appreciate this method if you want to replace the floor with a new one. You don't have to peel or pull out the slats - you click them.

100% water resistance
Click vinyl is 100% waterproof. Thanks to this, you can also place it in rooms where moisture is retained and there is a risk of contact with water. Such rooms include, for example, a kitchen or a bathroom.

Easy maintenance
Another big plus is easy maintenance. Click vinyl does not require any special care. Daily cleaning will not take you much time, and you will not do it even in the case of deep cleaning.

Click vinyl is thicker than glued vinyl. Walking on click vinyl is therefore more pleasant.

Wide selection
In the offer you will find a number of interesting designs and colors. You can choose, for example, wooden or stony decor in light or dark shades. We also offer vinyl floors with a V-groove and vinyl floors without a V-groove.

Alternatives to click vinyl
If you want to choose another type of floor with similar properties, reach for glued vinyl, for example. They differ only in the thickness and method of installation. You can also choose waterproof laminate floors, which are closer in their properties to wood and are harder than vinyl floors.