How to combine interior doors with windows?

There are a lots of important factors to consider when choosing a door - material, level of safety, isolation, but also color and decor. And design is the essential thing that completes the atmosphere of the space. The right door harmonizes not only with the floor and equipment, but also with the windows. So, how to choose the right one?

 If you are thinking about combining doors and windows, you can use the following tips. You will also find a big selection of doors in our offer. Choose interior doors or entrance doors according to your style and give your home a touch of design and elegance.


Express your style

 When choosing windows and doors, stick to the style that prevails in your room. If the equipment and floor are in an industrial design, luxury glam doors and window doors would look really special. You can, of course, combine elements of different style, but let one dominant style prevail.



White is always a good idea

You can combine white windows and doors with practically anything. They fit perfectly with different styles and colors. So you can choose windows and doors in white and match them with scandinavian, provencal, industrial, modern, but also classic furnishings. This is also a good idea at combination of doors and windows with the floor - if you have white doors and windows, you can choose darker but also lighter shades of the floor.





Wooden doors and windows

Window frames and doors in wood decor are also a perfect alternative that is suitable for any type of furniture. Make sure that the doors and windows are in the same shade. Contrast could be less harmonious. If you have a wooden floor or a floor with a wood decor, choose a lighter or darker wood decor for doors and windows. Otherwise, the floor, doors and windows will be look the same. 




More extravagant color combinations

Don't be afraid of strong combinations and non-traditional colors. Red, black or anthracite doors stand out perfectly with less distinctive windows and give your room the right touch.