Unsuitable cleaning chemicals for laminate flooring

Cleaning of laminate floor is no science. This type of floor is one of the less demanding, so daily or deep cleaning will not take you much time. However, there are tools and chemicals that can damage the floor or shorten its functionality and service life. So what should you not use under any circumstances?


Bleach is absolutely unsuitable for laminate floors. Its use could completely destroy the surface layer and blur or completely destroy it. Such a damaged surface can be completely unusable.


Strong solvent

As with bleach, strong solvents are a definite no-go. They can also permanently damage the surface, which can result in complete deterioration of the floor.

Preparations for other types of floors

Also, be careful with products that are intended for other types of floors. Each material is different, and the fact that the composition is suitable for vinyl, for example, does not mean that it will react equally to laminate floors.


Hard brush

Laminate floors are durable, but a hard brush can scratch the surface. If you decide to remove dirt with a brush, choose a softer design.


How to take care of laminate flooring?

So what can you use to maintain laminate floors? Let's see which means and procedures are the most appropriate.

Daily cleaning of the laminate floor

For regular daily maintenance of the laminate floor, a whisk will be enough to playfully wipe off dust, dirt and other dirt. An electric vacuum cleaner will also serve you perfectly, which will take care of all problems for you. A mop or a damp cloth is also an unequivocal choice. However, when washing, make sure that no wet leaves remain on the floor that could bulge the laminate.


Deep cleaning of laminate flooring

To thoroughly clean a laminate floor, use products that are specially designed for this type of floor. In this case, you will be sure that your floor will not be damaged and will last as long as new. Instead, invest in quality products and extend the life of your floor.