Stone decor: How to combine it with other equipment?

Are you think about a laminate or vinyl floor in stone decor? The stony surface is currently one of the most trendy designs. Its advantages include:

  • designer look
  • easy maintenance
  • long service life
  • wide selection of colors and designs
  • easy combinability

So how do you combine the rest of the room? Read our tips to make it easier for you.

Classic but also modern

The advantage of stony decor is that you can playfully combine it with any type of device. So you can playfully match it, for example, with classic or glam furniture, to which it will add an elegant and luxurious touch. Do not be afraid of modern, Scandinavian or industrial elements.

Creating contrast

Tone in tone can look very aesthetically pleasing, but contrast can give your room a truly design flair. For lighter floors, choose darker furniture, and for darker ones, on the contrary, tune the lighter device.

Beauty is hidden in the details

Remember that the overall impression is created by the details. Don't forget to add a suitable number of accessories that will perfectly complete the space. However, keep in mind that less is sometimes more and do not try to make the room look crowded.

Remember to clean regularly
In order for your floor to look its best, it is important not only to combine it correctly, but also to maintain it regularly. The matt slightly grainy decor is completely easy to clean. Dirt is not as visible as, for example, in the case of glossy ceramic tiles. A broom, mop or damp cloth will be enough for daily cleaning. You fight against more resistant dirt thanks to special cleaning agents, which are specially designed for the type of floor you have chosen.

Our tip:
You will also find floors with stony decor in our offer. You can choose from a wide range of laminate floors, but also from click or glued vinyl. Visit our store in Bratislava, where we have samples available for you. And if you can't choose, our team of experts will be happy to help you.