Caesar floor skirting - why choose them?

Choosing a skirting board is a difficult task. Although it is only a supplement, its role is very important. The skirting board covers the space between the wall and the floor, prolongs the life of the floor, covers the transition between the rooms and completes the overall atmosphere of the room.

You can place the individual types between the floor and the wall, between the rooms or around the stairs. All you have to do is choose the right bar that adapts exactly to what you need. In the offer you will find skirting boards, transition rails, but also stair rails.

And what should such a perfect skirting board look like?

You will recognize perfect floor skirting really easily. They have the following properties:


  • low price
  • wide selection of colors
  • lots of decors
  • sufficient thickness
  • easy installation
  • easy maintenance
  • long life

And this is exactly what Cezar floor skirting are, which you will find in our product portfolio. Cezar slats are made in Poland and at first glance you will be interested in the precise design, a wide range of designs and, last but not least, an interesting price.

Cezar skirting are also very popular due to their simple and smooth structure, which is easy to maintain and fits perfectly into any space. They are made of PVC and available in a height of 75 cm. The bar provides enough space to hide several cables, which would otherwise confuse you in the room.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and decors that you can playfully match with your floor. If you cannot choose a suitable shade, visit our store in Bratislava, where we will be happy to provide you with samples.

The offer also includes accessories needed for installation:

  • right end of floor skirting
  • left end of floor skirting
  • couplings to floor skirting
  • outer corner to the floorboards
  • inner corner to the floor skirting