How to choose the right skirting for the floor?

Replacing or buying a new floor is not just about choosing the material and decor that will adorn your surface. When choosing a suitable floor, you must also think about accessories that have a functional as well as aesthetic significance. One such accessory is the skiritng.


What is the purpose of the floor skirting?


The strip to the floor is an aesthetic, but also a practical accessory. It fills the space between the floor and the wall, prolongs the life of the floor and prevents dirt, water or moisture from entering the gap between the floor and the wall. At the same time, it completes the overall atmosphere in the room and perfectly complements the space with its color and design.


How to choose a floor skirting?

When choosing a skirting board, you need to think about the following 3 parameters. Each of them is extremely important and will guarantee you trouble-free use.


Floor skirting material

One of the most important factors when choosing a floor skirting is the material. From our offer you can choose from 3 types of floor skirtings:

  • plastic floor skirtings
  • MDF floor skirtings
  • wooden skirting boards


Some manufacturers offer skirtings directly to the design of your choice, for others you have to combine the decor yourself.


The appearance of the floorboard

Like the material, the design influences your choice. The shade of the skirting board should be a degree lighter or darker than the floor itself. In this way, you will create an interesting and undisturbed connection that you will immediately fall in love with. You can choose skirtings with a more pronounced decor, but also skirtings completely without decor. In our offer you will also find white skirting boards or more non-traditional designs, such as copper, silver or anthracite.


Thickness is also important. The thicker skiritngs are more massive, making them more visible. Thinner strips are less conspicuous, but maximally elegant.


Accessories for the floor skirting

You also need to consider whether you want a skiritng with or without accessories. Among the accessories for the skirtings we recommend:


  • inner corners
  • outer corners
  • left end
  • right end
  • clutches


If you want a skiritng without accessories, it is necessary to cut it after finishing or when connecting the second skiritng.