How to choose the orientation of sliding doors?


One of the important factors when choosing a sliding door is orientation. The design, color or design will also important, but if you choose the wrong orientation, you will not be able to use the door.

 First, let's look at the benefits of sliding doors, which you should definitely not overlook. The biggest pluses include:


  • easy installation
  • wide selection of colors, materials and designs
  • trouble-free maintenance
  • good quality
  • possibility to choose single-leaf or double-leaf doors
  • easy handling of the door
  • good price

 As you probably know, we divide the door into left and right. In the previous article, we explained to you how to choose the right orientation of single-leaf and double-leaf doors. Today we will look at how to deal with a sliding door.


How to choose the orientation of single-leaf sliding doors?

Sliding doors can also be divided into single-leaf and double-leaf. In the case of single-leaf doors, you determine the side by standing in front of the track, thanks to which the door slides. If the door opens to the right, it is necessary to select the right sliding door. If you want the door to slide to the left, select the left sliding door.


How to choose the orientation of double-leaf sliding doors?

The procedure is equally simple when choosing a double-leaf sliding door. We move the door apart, so you don't have to worry about the choice. The side that opens to the right is for the right door. The opposite left side determines the left door.

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