The floor using click system. What to expect.

The floor with the click system gradually ranks among favourites. No wonder such revolutionary system has won hearts of many customers, mainly due to its wonderful qualities. If you are the one thinking about the installation of the click floor, please, read what is ahead of you. 


A wide range of materials

The click system is used for almost all types of floor. It does not matter if you are interested in a laminate that is attractive in terms of prices, 100% water resistance vinyl or natural wooden parquet. Each of them applies the click system.  

Easy installation 

One of the main advantages of the click system is its easy installation. Parquets do not need to be  glued down to the surface, when installing, it simply clicks in with the help of the mechanical system placed on both sides of the plank. Before you start your installation, always check if your type and brand of the floor requires laminate,  vinyl or wooden floors.

A simple floor installation

Similarly to the installation process, a replacement of the floor does not consume much time. If you wish to replace your floor, you do not have to tear them away. Just click off your floor sheets and the floor can be diismantled. Then, you can lay down a new floor without any problems. 

With a V-goove or without a V-groove

There is a possibility of choosing from the click floor with a V-groove or without V-groove. The floor without V-groove is compact without gaps and they make an overall impression of the compact floor. On the contrary, the floor with a V-groove has a small gap on both sides due to which the immitation of wood is more natural.  


A wide selection of design and colours

The floor with the click system is instantly attractive for the customers due to its high quality design. In our offer there is a wide selection of colours and design. You can choose for exapmle from white floor, beige floor, classical brown floor, wallnut brown colour and even the black design.

The click system in Bratislava

Laminate, vinyl and wooden floors using the click system can be found in our showroom in Golden City, Bratislava. Apart from the floors, you can find here accessories including underlayers for all types of floors.